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Want to get rid of that pesky someone? Have a Tarot reading with Queenie. It's all in the cards... for a hefty fee!


Naïve Janeen signs on as apprentice to read Tarot with Queenie, her recently deceased grandmother's life-long friend and business partner, a proposition made sweeter by the promise of earning enough money to pay for her college tuition.


Janeen becomes caught up in Queenie's dark readings, offering their clients deadly solutions to problems, courtesyof the Tarot. It isn’t long before Janeen begins to experience odd symptoms, like fatigue and malaise,while she sees the old woman grow younger before her eyes. She falls prey to Queenie's dark magic, until she reads her grandmother's journals and stumbles across Queenie's book of spells.


But is Janeen strong enough to protect herself against Queenie’s sorcery? The older woman is powerful and has no intention of letting herself succumb to a novice. Janeen's bold challenge and Queenie's unscrupulous offense finally come to a head.


There can only be one Master.


Don't miss out on this thrilling tale of terror in this very limited signed and numbered hardcover edition from your friends at PTP!

Death in the Cards Limited Edition Hardcover

Book will ship by the middle of October
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